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Hama bags

The Hama brand and its history

Photo bags from the renowned manufacturer Hama combine style and functionality. It is the high-quality material and the associated durability that distinguish the stylish accessories. Thus, cameras, lenses and other items such as beamers are excellently protected on the go. Practical shoulder bags and backpacks also allow a high degree of flexibility and mobility, as the hands remain free for photography or work. The well thought-out equipment with partially integrated, comfortable pads contributes another factor to the fact that the articles from Hama are popular products.

Hama is a very diversified company headquartered in Germany. They manufacture every accessory imaginable from A to Z. In 1923, the company Hamaphot KG was founded by Martin Hanke. In the beginning, he had the concept of selling photo chemicals after his apprenticeship in photography. in 1935 he presented his product range for the first time at the sample fair in Leipzig. When the company was destroyed in 1945, it rebuilt in Monheim. There, the company pursued a new vision. To produce accessories for photo and video equipment that are affordable for everyone. Today, the company is a leading supplier in the field of accessories for photographic technology and operates 25 hundred employees at the site in Germany alone. Hama focuses on lower prices, so that newcomers to the photo and video scene do not have to pay a lot of money for a bag and still get their equipment from A to B safely and well.

What collections does Hama have?

The photo backpacks were an integral part of Hama relatively early on and are now part of the core business. There are different collections to offer exactly the right product for everyone.

  • Albany - Digital camera with lens
  • Fancy Neoprene Quad - for accessories
  • Fancy Sporty - for accessories
  • Fancy Urban - for accessories
  • Hardcase Ambato
  • Handcase Carbon Style - Robust and small
  • Hardcase colour style - Robust and small
  • Hardcase Zip - Robust and small


  • Matera - camera bag
  • Multitrans - for comfortable transport
  • Pittsburgh - equipment bag
  • Profitour - sturdy camera backpack, perfect for traveling
  • Samara - perfect protection for a digital camera
  • Terra Trekkingtour - backpack for trekking tours
  • Letal - for a digital camera with lens

What are the special features of the bags?

The Albany series from Hama usually offers space for a system camera with lens. The bags keep the contents scratch-free and safe.

With the Fancy Neoprene Quad , the Fancy Sporty and the Fancy Urban collection , your small accessories are perfectly protected. It is also possible to easily equip this bag with a small digital camera. The bags are very compact and easy to carry, as you can simply attach it to a backpack or a belt. This makes it the ideal companion for city trips where you just want to carry a small, compact digital camera.

The Hardcase Ambato series, is ideal for all cyclists who like to go off-road sometimes. Indeed, the contents of these small bags are strongly protected thanks to the hardcase. It is ideally adapted to the size of a small digital camera, so you can easily take it with you on the next mountain bike tour. The practical strap, which is attached to the side of the hardcase, helps you to transport it even easier. The outside is covered with a thin layer of fabric, which are available in several colors.

The same collection is also available again with a Carbon case. This one is called Hardcase Carbon style. The small cases are also extremely robust and also have a very stylish carbon look.

With the Matera collection you always have your small digital camera right at hand, because it can be perfectly attached to a belt with the help of the attached loop on the back. The bag is small, handy and great for on the go, as it can be quickly stored anywhere. The collection holds bags in different sizes. In the largest bag a large digital camera can fit.

The Miami collection includes two backpacks that easily guarantee the protection of a camera equipment. The backpacks are equipped with practical dividers inside, which can be easily taken out and put in with the help of Velcro fasteners. Thanks to the system, you can customize the backpack to your camera equipment. The backpacks also offer space for a tripod, which can be carried on the outside.

The Monterey collection caters to those who want to transport a system camera with lenses from A to B without worrying about damaging anything in the process.
The Multitrans collection offers them a compact sporty look where their complete camera equipment can always be taken along. Like the backpacks, the bags can also be equipped with a partition system, so that your camera equipment always remains stable in its place in the bag.

With the help of the Pittsburgh collection, everything from batteries to system cameras can be neatly transported in compartments. There is a battery, memory card and cell phone compartment in the lid of the bag and a large camera and lens compartment in the bottom of the bag. The compartments in the bottom can be adjusted as desired, so you can also use it as a lens-only bag if you already have your cameras stored in a backpack, for example.

The Profitour collection can carry all your camera equipment you need for your trip. The backpack series can easily hold up to two system cameras with lenses. The backpack series can easily hold up to two system cameras with lenses. The bags can also hold all the accessories you need for a hike. The practical quick openings, which are located at the top and bottom of the side of the backpack, ensure that you do not miss a snapshot, because you can quickly get to the camera. The padded shoulder straps make the backpack comfortable to carry. At the same time, the backpack can also be used as a hiking backpack, as you can attach hiking pieces to the outside of each.

Do you need a handy bag for your small digital camera? Then the Samara collection from Hama is just the right one. It takes up almost no space on your trip and yet always protects your digital camera. The zipper allows quick access to your camera and at the same time gives you a secure feeling when the bag is closed.

The different bags from the collections are specially adapted for each film and video type. Each backpack is available in different versions. The backpacks are partially protected against rain, so you no longer have to worry about your camera equipment if you ever catch bad weather. They offer various storage options where the equipment can be safely transported in different situations.

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