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Tripods from Benro

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Camera Basics #21: Getting started with sports photography

We confidently say that this article is one of the best ever for sports photography. In the guide, we also try to cover the various equipment decisions and how to find the perfect settings.

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Benro tripods ? Reliable helpers for successful photography

Benro not only offers excellent service, but also an extensive and varied range of tripods with a great price/performance ratio. These include models from a wide range of price classes and for flexible applications from monopods to tripods. For example, the Benro GoPlus Classic and Benro GoPlus Travel series are a sign of flexibility. But also among the other tripods you will find models with convincing quality, both for professionals and for amateurs. With their stable construction made of materials such as aluminium or carbon, they help to achieve impressively sharp video and photo recordings, even for long exposures without blurring.